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Lunch time jogger Sydney Harbour

This morning, early, I heard the weatherman say Sydney would be having the warmest two September days in succession for 150 years! I harkened back to a winter day in July, when we stopped in Sydney on our way back from overseas. We found an inviting bench near Circular Quay and did some people watching at lunch time. There were dozens and dozens of joggers, this being one. All the times we have been here in the middle of the day, it has been like this. I wonder what someone transported from 60 years ago, into this situation, would think?? Some of the joggers might be tourists, but I wonder if people who have long commutes find it easier to fit their exercise in at lunch time than before or after their work day? I admire their commitment, regardless.

My morning walks are done as a moving meditation and contemplation time, as well as to keep my lower back in check. Usually, they are a time to soak in the serene arid land beauty and listen to a bit of music. Lately, they have become occasions for photography too. But this morning, two rogue Spurwing Plovers chased me! I stared them down and clapped loudly, which sent them in another direction, eventually. But they had a few jolly good dives at me first! Goodness knows what the neighbours thought!!

Plovers aside, those of us who walk or jog as a diversion lead privileged lives indeed.

Have a great week.


 (This is part of a series of photos based                                                                     on an original post titled ‘We’re the People‘)