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Spring fills me with a little bit of crazy. Something inside me feels just a tiny bit drunk with magic. It is, perhaps, a little more subtle here, in arid land, than in other climates, but there is no doubt when it arrives.


herb garden: chilies, mint, parsley, basil, oregano, dill, thyme, onion, chives (rosemary, curry tree and lemon thyme are elsewhere)


Onions against mosaic wall

My winter-worn herb garden has been transformed into culinary promise. (The bloody fairies went ‘walkabout’ when I needed them… but all is forgiven now.)


bees on onion flower

A month ago, the rosemary bloomed profusely, sending out the invitation ‘Come one, come all, there’s a party in this garden!’ The citrus trees soon joined the festivities and have set small fruit. This week, onion flowers are the perfect source for drinking nectar.

Non-native wildlife, behaving suspiciously

Non-native wildlife, behaving suspiciously

No doubt the neighbours have seen me around, creeping… oddly, capturing images in early morning light… off with the fairies, perhaps?


tiny green visitor, shot with macro lens on iPhone camera


translucent wings of moth shot with macro lens

A few tiny, winged creatures find their way inside. I lean and stretch and contort as I capture their delicate profiles.


evening light illuminates kitchen

Rays of light also find their way inside, as well as illuminate the outside from new angles.


laden Wattle tree against blue sky

Native Wattle trees are heavy with musky scent and ball fringe– ready for Mardi Gras!IMG_2890

Fragments of childhood visit briefly; “I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree….”  (Joyce Kilmer 1886-1918)





“Ring-a-ring-a rosie, pocket full of posies…”


Desert Rose, floral emblem of the Northern Territory, Australia


Eucalyptus blossoms


Fig cuttings ‘nursery’

figs in larger pots with irrigation

figs in larger pots with irrigation


Fiona fig, redolent with promise–yet again!






The fig babies have gone from the nursery to more spacious surroundings, so they can survive the harsh summer heat. Old friends have donned new green frocks, pretending they will play along! Be careful Fiona, there are four adolescents vying to take your place! (see 2013 Spring in Arid Country)


Gazanias (for nibbling) in kangaroo thoroughfare (with compost bins!)

IMG_2892Especially for the resident kangaroos, there is the ‘gazania run’… located in their regularly used thoroughfare, punctuated with a peace offering of water at the end. (It seems to stop the little darlings tearing at the other plants as they try to get to the water at irrigation points.)


secret watercress

I have a secret little patch of… watercress… plenty of moisture in a sheltered pot, shaded by the yucca plant. Shhhh…

light on curry leaf tree and yuccas

light on curry leaf tree and yuccas

New season light has incited my rebellion for the mundane…  breakfast cooked to inedible this morning, and where was the cook?? Running back and forth to see if golden highlights had reached this plant or that corner of the garden. What is food when you are crazed with Spring?

your friend, the Light Chaser.