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Pick a Saturday morning in Alice Springs, or any town in Australia, and you will find a ‘sausage sizzle’ going on somewhere! As far as I know this is a tradition unique to Australia. When I grew up in the USA in the 60’s our fund raising activities of choice were the ‘car wash’ or a ‘bake sale’. Bake sales are popular here too, but the sausage sizzle is king. I can’t eat anything they serve at one of these, but I loved that this group was so happy to be spending their Saturday morning outside of K-Mart, raising money for something I didn’t even know was going on here in Alice– Indoor Beach Volleyball! Not only is it going on, this is their 10th year!!!

I do lead a sheltered life.

I donated to their funds and wouldn’t accept any food but I asked them for a photo and said I’d promote their activity. They loved the idea. The game they play is apparently a mix of beach volleyball and indoor hard court volleyball. Their season commenced on 25th August and runs through until 5th December and is played at 11 Kennett Court, when they are at home. They travel interstate for games as well.

I say, thumbs up for the Desert Sands group, doing something wholesome, but tongs up for the Aussie sausage sizzle, and all the funds it has raised over the years!


Desert Sands Indoor Beach Volleyball Team

 (This is part of a series of photos based                                                                     on an original post titled ‘We’re the People‘)