Buckwheat Pikelets (pancakes)

IMG_40081 C Organic buckwheat flour

½ C plain gluten free flour

2 T caster sugar

3 tsp baking powder

1 ½ C buttermilk (the amount is approximate, you may need to add a small amount extra but the mixture should be like thick porridge)*

1 egg, slightly beaten

a pinch of salt

Stir together dry ingredients.  Add wet ones and stir to combine but don’t over mix.  Let sit for a few minutes then preheat the pan to med-high heat with a small amount of oil for frying.  I use a non-stick pan so I don’t have to use much oil, but whatever you prefer will work.  Cook as you would any pikelets, when bubbles appear on top, they are ready to turn.   Cook less time on the second side than the first.

These are great leftover if you heat them slightly in the microwave or toaster.  If you want a more savoury version, cut the sugar back to 1 T.  You can add fruit, like blueberries or bananas to the batter, too.  Or serve with fruit and yogurt on the side.  My favourite is bananas and maple syrup.

*If you don’t have buttermilk you can substitute milk with the juice of a lemon for it, or you can mix half milk and half plain yogurt together also.  You may have to experiment with the amounts a little to get it right for your tastes.

**Also you can add 1T of whatever vegetable oil you like, to the batter.  The texture is not much different when they are fresh, but it keeps the leftovers a bit softer when you re-heat them.

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