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My last couple of posts have been on the serious side, so let’s have some fun! The starting point of our recent travels was Budapest. We had spent a couple of days there a few years ago and enjoyed it, but knew we still had some exploring to do, so we decided to go back for a few more days at the front of our trip to the Black Sea area. No doubt I will tumble forth with facts and photos in subsequent posts, but today I will tell you a short story.

Our second evening in Budapest, we decided to look for a restaurant that had been described to us as, near St. Stephens cathedral. It was the perfect place to try a bit of several classic Hungarian dishes, in small servings. Great idea, don’t know why more places don’t pursue this idea.

The meal was fun, but what happened on our way to eat was the highlight!

As we were walking toward the cathedral, the sun was getting low in the sky and perfectly highlighting it. I got my camera out to take a few photos.

Budapest-St Stephens

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Budapest

Far in the distance there appeared a bright orange apparition. It got closer. I took another photo.


The orange apparition approaches

As the orange figure approached, we were somewhat transfixed on it. What was it? Then we quickly decided the only thing we had seen that looked remotely similar were photos of Spider Man.

As Spidey-man got within earshot, one of his three comrades called out to us… (in a thick French accent) “Can he (pointing to indicate ‘spidey’) kiss your head?” pointing to indicate my HUSBAND! It was a very absurd request, but my husband who has a good sense of humour, said yes! Orange spidey-man was very tall, and he bent down to kiss the top of my husband’s head!!

Budapest-orange man

Kissing the bald man

We all laughed and I took a photo and they were going to just keep moving, apparently without further explanation!! We couldn’t let that happen! I quickly asked them if there was significance to the orange costume, and that kiss! Again, Mr-Thick-French accent told us, “Our friend is getting married and we are celebrating his upcoming marriage and he must do whatever we dare him to do tonight!”*

So the mates had dared him to kiss a bald man’s head!! I hope all the dares turned out so well for all parties involved, as did this one. We are still laughing.


*(we call it a ‘buck’s night’ in Australia, a ‘bachelor’s party’ in the USA, I believe)