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(28) my favourite tree at sunrise, edited in Distressed FX App

Here we go…. post #200 for ardysez. I started this blog three and a half years ago, as an experiment. I could never have predicted it would lead me where it has.


(37) face of a Golden Drummer cicada

This is the joy in trying new things.


It is partly why I decided to try something a little different this year, 2015.

I have heard that if you make just one small change in your life it can make a huge difference. While there is not a lot wrong with my life, I have certainly struggled with direction and purpose since our daughter flew the nest. My husband is ensconced in his research and is very successfully publishing papers and presenting at conferences. I’m very grateful and happy for him. But my own creative endeavours have languished at times, for lack of motivation and inspiration.


(13) tiny mushroom in blades of grass

On New Year’s Day, an article appeared from the Internet ethers, extolling the value of  a 365 day photo challenge. I’m very anti-new-year-resolutions, and even though this seems like one, it is more a ‘coincidence of date’, than a result of it. I had been pondering for a while some new purpose to which I could apply my interest in photography and creativity. I know, from other challenges that if one does not have the motivations well thought out, it is seldom successful. In those moments of weakness, what will be the reasons that propel me forward?

  • Improve photography composition and narratives
  • Learn new apps for editing and sharing photos
  • Record my year with a photo that represents some aspect of each day
  • Adventure (in my own very modest way–I’m not a skydiver!)

    (41) local wants to borrow the Advocate newspaper

    (41) local wants to borrow the Advocate newspaper

The only ‘rule’ that I adhere to, other than my own guidelines, is the one that says each day I must take a photo. That does not mean I can take ten photos one day, and use them for the next ten days. Every day I must take a new photo. The metadata on the photo will rat me out!! Here are my guidelines:

  • Take a new photo every day
  • The photo should be of reasonable quality (my discretion!)
  • I will post it on Instagram (if you care to follow, my Instagram name: amosthemagicdog)
  • All photos are taken with my iPhone
  • My only reasons for stopping are; if I feel I’m starting to hate taking photos; or if my iPhone breaks–perish the thought of either!

It is no small thing, to take a reasonable quality photo every single day. What if I am sick? What if I have an uninspired day? What if a well-meaning friend tells me all that is wrong with this idea? (which has already happened!)

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. –Marcel Proust


(3) birds on wires– this was my eventually successful photo from numerous attempts over the passed year, having taken over a hundred different shots.

This is my modest voyage of discovery, documented by taking a photo every day for a year. Some days will be uninspiring, and yes, it will be hard to take a photo on those days, but that is where the growth lies. Yes, on dull days, the photo may reflect the lack of inspiration, but isn’t that one of Life’s lessons too? We must have the low points to see the heights.

dead butterfly on road--before editing

dead butterfly on road–before editing


(39) dead butterfly after editing in Waterlogue App

Most days I arise and go for a walk. Because I am motivating myself to ‘see with new eyes’ I want to find ever more ways to view the same scenes, whether it is the minutia of a day or the dramatic moments. This may resolve itself in the taking of the photo itself, or in the editing. I have already experienced days where late in the afternoon I had no ‘photo of the day’ yet. When this happens, I am reminded of all Life can show us, especially when we least expect it, but we have willing eyes. Without fail, something special has appeared, begging to be photographed.



My plan is to write about some of my experiences, and learning along the 365photochallenge way, and perhaps to elaborate weekly on some aspect of the photos or circumstances surrounding them. As I write this post, I am in day 42.

Thank you to all who regularly read my musings. My humble goal is simply, to not bore you! I appreciate all your comments and marvel at the world wide web, the blogosphere and the Universe.