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We made another early visit to the Parap Markets to kick off the weekend. We had awesome Thai food and just as we were leaving we saw Ivy and daughter Dani.  Later we went to have coffee at the Four Birds Café with friends again and I saw someone I’ve met since I’ve been here this time, and not from my former life here, or in Alice.  I told Allison it is weird, when I lived here 20 years ago I could go for days and not see anyone I knew when I was in town.  I’m here for 6 weeks and seem to run into people all over the place, not to mention the friends we intended to see.  How does that happen?

Later Allison and I decided to do the very indulgent thing of seeing a movie in the middle of the day!  Very enjoyable.  There were lots of humorous lines but the one that really got me was the serious line from a father who has Alzheimers saying to his son, “Life is too *damn short, so make every second count!”  It caught me by surprise and nearly brought a tear to my eyes, so I know it hit a chord.  It’s not as if I don’t already know that, but an outstanding reminder every now and then doesn’t hurt a thing.  I’m just sayin…

Two ‘birds’ at the Four Birds Cafe