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TGIF.  When I walked into treatment today they asked how I was and I said ‘I’m glad it’s Friday!’  And both radiation technicians enthusiastically agreed.  In fact, one said ‘I’m SO-o-o glad it’s Friday’ (I may not have included quite as many ‘o’s as the original!).   So we are all glad our jobs for the week are finished and we can enjoy the weekend.  My job for the moment is having treatment.  It is the world’s most boring part time job, for which I don’t even get paid, but it is my job!  And even though the job of waiting for buses, waiting for treatment, waiting to see doctors and nurses, waiting for taxis and waiting and waiting has been so boring at times, it has been punctuated with insights, and joyful moments that have been… shall we say, character building!  That was the phrase I used to describe the transport challenges when the nurse asked me about them today.  She laughed along with me.  We have to laugh about these things, but we can still be happy they are behind us!!

Today Allison and I had a lovely lunch that had so many colours in it, one can only assume it was full of goodness!  Delicious.  ‘Eat at Martins’ is a little vegetarian restaurant in the Coconut Grove Village.  It is a lovely little surprise of a ‘jewel’, tucked into a cinder block building mostly dedicated to a physical therapy business.  The décor is bright and colourful, just like the food.  The owners are German and both they and the workers are cheerful, even though they might be glad it is Friday also.

We had an early morning walk along the Esplanade looking out to sea, a feast  for lunch, and a siesta this afternoon (very civilised practice) and so TGIF!  The weekend has begun!

Potato Pastie and salad from ‘Eat at Martins’

Looks good enough to Eat!