My friends, I know you are used to me writing positive things, and certainly that is my preference. I’m not an activist, nor am I a political animal, but I do believe in speaking out about what I believe. There is something that has occurred and I believe it is concerning. Apparently this not so small event has gone undetected by most of us, until now when it appears to be too late. But I want you to know.

Day before yesterday, I heard a small news report to the effect that there was a new gun about to be imported into Australia, based on a deal our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott had done with MP David Leyonhjelm, of the Shooters Party, in exchange for his vote on tougher border security measures. In case you have forgotten, or didn’t know, this MP is the same man who said this, after the Martin Place siege

“What happened in that cafe would have been most unlikely to have occurred in Florida, Texas, or Vermont, or Alaska in America, or perhaps even Switzerland as well,” Senator Leyonhjelm told the ABC’s AM program.

“Statistically speaking” in those jurisdictions, “one or two of the victims” would have had a concealed gun, he said.

“That nutcase who held them all hostage wouldn’t have known they were armed and bad guys don’t like to be shot back at,” Senator Leyonhjelm said.

He said the Lindt cafe hostages were helpless because they were not allowed to carry a lethal or non-lethal weapon.

This ludicrous statement seems even more so, in light of the fatal shooting on air, of TV reporter and the cameraman in the United States this week.

I will leave you to read for yourself, the first two articles I have been able to source on the recent matter, the third article is when the MP stated the above after the Martin Place incident:




I think, there is no reason, barring out and out invasion of foreign armies, that is good enough to allow more guns into Australia–of any kind. I am proud of the stance Australia has taken with regard to guns since the Port Arthur massacre, and I am seriously disappointed at this incremental erosion of that position.

Posting this is my small way of protesting. I have also written my federal member to voice my concerns.