In the beginning, blogs were rather like diaries that people shared, or forums for discussions. The modern blog has only been around less than 20 years and it has changed forms rapidly in that time. Today’s entry is a nod back to journal type posts from years gone by, but with photos, because I can’t help myself. Normally I take a few days to write a post, but this one is pretty much flow of thought this morning…

The photo I wanted to share with you last week... I call it 'casualty of winter' but it makes a nice monochrome photo.

The photo I wanted to share with you last week… I call it ‘casualty of winter’ but it makes a nice monochrome photo.

It has been a very busy, and mostly productive few weeks for me. But my body hasn’t liked it and I’ve had a head cold this week–another casualty of winter? Head colds are mongrels. Trying to think, and be inspired, is not easy. Self imposed stress has meant that my ‘shrillness’ has turned into a cold. Why do we do these things to ourselves? Slow learner.

3 weeks ago my credit details were stolen, through no fault of my own. It took ten days to get things sorted. Thank you to whoever decided they needed my details more than me. (the world could use that talent if only it were re-directed!) It actually had a ripple effect that achieved good results for me, albeit a hassle at the time. Move on.

During that same week I had ordered a new computer. I’m in computer love. It is a MacBook Pro, quad processor, 15″ laptop and it runs like the wind–as long as the wind doesn’t include whatever slowed down my photo uploads last week! I love it when I update appliances or devices that are well in need, because the replacements are like living in the future again. Amazing.

My media centre while setting up the new computer :)

My ‘media centre’ while setting up the new computer 🙂 note jewellery pieces in background, and that I am taking the photo with my phone, pretty much sums up the creative scene at the moment!

Around that same time I was asked to make a ‘collection’ of jewellery which my hairdresser plans to use in his Christmas Boutique of the salon. Okay, so this was one step too many. Where is that rear vision mirror for life when a person needs it? The collection is getting there. I will photograph it and share it with you when it is done because I now know I’m ready to move on. I’m done with jewellery making. Done.

As problems go, I have none. But ‘Power and Water’ had one that necessitated they dig a huge hole beside our letterbox, and turn off the power last weekend and again this week. Also I did have some sinking pavers and some tree roots under others, creating dangerous tripping points around my clothes line. My friend and bricklayer who built the paved areas at our place came back to do the repairs and we had a lovely catch up. Marvellous fellow.

During this time, I have seen doctors for check ups, performed all of my usual domestic goddess miracles, including making Magic Bean Cake, which I will soon share with you. But the 365 photo project has been perilously close to collapse. That’s why it is a ‘challenge’. Day 241 today.

#217 from 365 Photo Challenge on Instagram 3 wks ago

#217 from 365 Photo Challenge on Instagram 3 wks ago

Every single day, there is some tiny miracle. Like the day my darling husband came home with a beautiful feather he had found–for me to photograph. He’s very supportive in a quiet way, pointing out colours and trees and things he thinks may be of interest. So sweet. But this feather…when he proudly presented it to me he said ‘it was just there winking at me’. It stopped me in my tracks. Three weeks ago I posted a photo on Instagram, of a feather I had seen in the grass, the caption was ‘it was winking at me.’ I don’t think I said it out loud to him and I know he doesn’t use Instagram, but when you have been married for 32 years… It doesn’t matter where it came from, it was just one of those tiny little moments that shines above all the calamity life throws at us. A ‘feather wink’ becomes a loving gesture, which becomes a photo, which becomes a digital image akin to hand-painted watercolour. How is this possible? Because when we look for the magic in life, we find it. Magic.

Waterlogue image from photo of the feather Don brought me.

Waterlogue image from photo of the feather Don brought me.