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When I was a young girl, Dad taught me to do a good job of sweeping grass clippings from the foot path. He used this phrase ‘Always do this little test, make your good better, and your better best‘. He was teaching integrity and work ethic. He taught it to many of the young men who worked for him over the decades, as well as his children. Our Mother was, and still is, a role model of integrity.

That is how I know it when I see it.


Delivery man

I was going for my usual walk one morning this week when I saw the man depicted putting advertising flyers into letter boxes at a nearby complex of units. I couldn’t help but notice the precision with which he was working. Notice how nicely all the flyers are tucked into the slots. The flyers were neatly folded and organised in the bottom of his delivery wagon, too. He was so mindful about his job I couldn’t help but admire him, even though I dislike the ‘junk mail’ as much as many people do. Here was someone, no doubt making small money, but doing the job with integrity.

So, when I look at this photo I see, the smallness of the task need not reflect smallness in the person. I shot the photo from a lower angle so that we could all look up to him.

And when I got home from that very same walk, there in my letterbox was the following notice…IMG_2036

I wonder how many will do the job with this man’s integrity?

(This is part of a series of photos based                                                                      on an original post titled ‘We’re the People‘)