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Occasionally there is an energetic phenomenon that takes place called the Euphoria Inversion. It is difficult to identify in the early stages, before all the indicators are noted. The affected person feels like they are in their normal mode, but nothing quite works. There are gremlins in the wifi network, a hole in the coffee filter, and for some reason the attention span of a fruit fly prohibits the person from doing anything with efficiency. This is the Universe offsetting the extreme efficiency of previous days. You must learn to be at peace with Euphoria Inversion, by whatever means you have to hand.  To resist it is futile. All those lovely sunrise walks must be avenged.  The Universe will have its way.

A few of my guidelines…On those days it is useless to try to purchase anything online. Your credit card will probably not work, but more likely, you will not even be able to sign on to your favourite website because it will not accept your password. Don’t try to drive in situations that require anything more skilled than a 10 year old could manage. So, probably best to not leave the driveway. Try not to use any utensil more cutting than a broom, and by all means don’t cook.

It is equally futile to try and ameliorate the momentum…. with one exception.


It is a well known fact that when nothing else will change your day, a piece of cake and a cup of tea or coffee will intervene in the Euphoria Inversion phenomenon and put the Universe in balance once more.

Today was one such day for me… but I broke one of my own guidelines, I baked the cake. I had to because I was afraid to get into the car and drive to get some. And to illustrate my previous observations, I did everything wrong…nearly forgot the salt and added at the wrong time, used the wrong kind of oranges, used the wrong sized pan and used a new recipe rather than an old standby.  Clearly my judgment was heavily impaired… and still, it worked. Thank goodness.  To be honest, as long as it had a cake-y consistency and was sweet, I would have been happy, but it was actually quite good.

Reclined in my favourite position, deep breath and mmmmmm…the moment that sweet, citrus and almond, moist nirvana hit my tongue I knew all had been returned to natural order.

Let us eat cake.

my salvation

my salvation