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This is a follow up to the recent ‘Bird Camps’ post because a couple of my devoted blog readers and friends, sent me their gorgeous photos to share with you!

Nest and surrounds

Nest and surrounds

The first three photos are from my friend Barbara who lives in a beautifully wooded area, surprisingly close to Washington DC.  She is an amateur photographer whose photos I have often admired.  How she managed to get these photos of the Robin’s eggs and chicks I have no idea, but kudos to her! How exquisite is that Robin’s egg blue colour?

What colour is Robin's egg blue???

What colour is Robin’s egg blue???

Getting a little crowded in here...

Getting a little crowded in here…

The last photo is one of many wonderful wildlife photos my cousin, Donna, in Wyoming has taken.  They live up high in the mountains, just a little way from the timberline, in a very small community that was originally established for logging.  It is a gorgeous area with lots of wildlife, but this time of year it is the return of the hummingbirds that she loves because it means summer is nearly there.  They have about a week of summer (just kidding) so they enjoy it intensely.  She tells me…

Hummer in Wyoming

Hummer in Wyoming

“They put themselves in a state of torpor at night in the spring here.  It’s the only way for them to survive the night time lows.  Also they eat gnats like crazy not just nectar from flowers and feeders.  I could go on and on, they are a great source of enjoyment to me.  In the winter, of course, I love the chicadee best, but hummers rule in the summer.”

Enjoy y’all.

(PS. Just learned something new today from my friend Joanna’s post on the English Robin which is different from the North American one.  We have both coincidentally posted something about Robins on the same day!)