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Amos the Magic Dog


Today I finished a painting I started 18 months ago.  Finishing it was not the real victory, though.  Being thrilled with what I had done was the biggest achievement.  It was a little like giving birth.  I can say that because I did give birth, and I was awake for it, and didn’t have an epidural!!  Wow, for twice the gestation period  of a human being, I should have at least gotten twins for my effort, don’t you think? The painting is about our cheeky dog Storm, who died on the same day the previous year, as when I got the phone call that my mammogram had a ‘spot’ on it. The Universe just loves irony, doesn’t it?  I would love to forget all about the cancer, and I’m sick of going on about it, but there are so many coincidences about it that are integral to other parts of my life, I know that will not happen.  It’s part of my story now, part of who I am.  But I don’t want it to be the focus of my life.  Now I also have this incredible victory that is part of my continuing story upon which to focus.  Life is good… and getting better.