One of the best things about getting home again was the smell.  There was a sweetness in the air, but not flowery perfume.  It was the sweet smell of the ‘familiar’.  Perhaps it was the absence of ‘institutional smell’ and medical potions and soaps as well, but it resonated with me the instant I walked through the door.  My Grandma’s house had a certain smell, my Mother’s house a certain smell, and it is comforting.

My first 24 hours home again have been filled with trying to figure out how to turn on the satellite TV, how to operate the microwave again, how to use the new iron (the old one died while I was away), amidst the neighbour’s dog barking incessantly… now that was something I didn’t miss!  Last night I woke up and at first had no idea where I was, then I did remember, but had no idea what direction the bathroom was!  Fortunately I wasn’t desperate to use it so I turned over and went back to sleep.

I drove for the first time in months today.  It was remarkable to me that it didn’t seem at all strange to be driving again!  I saw my friend Fran and she hugged me a really good hug that nearly brought tears to my eyes it felt so good.  Another artist friend called to me in the grocery store and asked how I was going.  It’s just so good to be back.  Not just back in Alice, back in the normal routine of my life.

It’s like New Year’s day today.  I have this feeling of ‘starting over’.  I look out from my kitchen window at my herb garden and realise it is like my life… mostly looking good, some regeneration, a few weeds that need removing and it needs a little trimming and seasonal maintenance!  Ha, okay, lots of seasonal maintenance!  I’m trying to ignore the long list of things that want my attention.  This might be the hardest part of my recovery, figuring out how to move forward.  What should I mulch and keep growing, what should I trim and what do I remove?  It is unclear to me exactly how to proceed, but as with the previous few months, I will try to look into each day and see what is of value and how I can work with it.

What is the single best thing about being at home again?  Having dinner with Don and Allison.  Eating by oneself, day in and day out, has its positive attributes, but there is nothing better than having a talk and a few laughs over nice food with people you love, except maybe if you don’t have to wash the dishes!