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The penultimate day. The penultimate treatment. There were numerous loose ends to tie up today, pretty much the kinds of things you do before you go on vacation. Clean out the fridge, pack a bag, drop things off to people and say some goodbyes. But I’m not going on a holiday, I’m closing a chapter on my life.

It’s difficult to comprehend it all. There are old friends who I may not see for a long while, or ever again. There are the new friends who I will think about from time to time, and wonder what became of them. There are the very sad stories I have seen and heard and the very courageous, smiling people… I will remember them all.

One of the nurses told me today, she has lost all her eyelashes and that losing your eyelashes is something you have to look forward to… in old age. Yes, I hope to live to an age old enough to lose all my eyelashes!