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I have just learned how precise the dose of radiation is that I receive. It is so precise that it is not timed in seconds. There is an exact dosage predetermined in the ‘machine’ and it is released by electricity. Because electricity supply varies slightly, rather than the dosage being measured in seconds, it is released as an amount measured in some kind of special measurement as it applies only to radiation. (So, for example, if you were to get 3 grams of medicine via a syringe, it may take 10 seconds for one person to push it through or 15 seconds for another person to push it through.) That is why the length of the ‘exposure’ varies ever so slightly from one day to the next. It is the amount of radiation you get that is important, not the time it takes to give it to you.

I have, today, realised the exact amount of sleep I needed for the week had not been reached. In the interest of precision, and good health, I have just had a 43 minute nap as a result. Is there anything nicer than a very good nap?

(today is exactly three months since I had the biopsy… a lifetime ago)

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