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Every now and then I have a photo that has a little story, or explanation behind it. I thought I might start posting something short to share it with you.

I took this photo last year when we were in Pennsylvania, visiting a couple of Frank Lloyd Wright homes. We stopped in a place called Ohiopyle (even though it is in Pennsylvania) and we walked down to the Youghiogheny River which flows through. On that sunny autumn day, a young couple was sitting beside the picturesque waters, and the fellow was smoking a cigarette. I thought to myself, I’ll bet he throws the butt of the cigarette into that beautiful water. By the time we reached the water, he had removed his shoes and socks and was rolling up his pants to wade. Sure enough, there, floating in the water near them was a cigarette butt. My husband commented that he could have predicted that outcome, just as I had been thinking it.

wader at Ohio Pyle

wader at Ohio Pyle

I composed a nice shot of the river and bridge and took the photo. We turned around to walk back to where our friends were sitting and we heard a huge splash. We turned around and looked and there was the fellow, flat on his butt in the water, cigarette butt floating nearby. My husband said “I’ve never seen Karma work quite so fast”. I could only agree. I had to restrain myself from taking a follow up photo as the fellow tried TWO more times to get up, only to slip and fall again and again. I seriously doubt he understood the connection, but we were pretty sure we understood only too well.