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I hardly ever get the urge to clean, though I hasten to add, I do it regularly. But this morning I actually felt like cleaning. Wiping down bench tops, dusting and vacuuming were all done with peace in my heart. The final phase–mopping floors–arrived, and, as I twisted the wet mop to wring it out, the handle broke. After careful examination I could see there was no way forward. It was done. I had no back up. The Universe had spoken and it said “Go have some fun.”

And that is how this blog post came about.

Along with ‘yarn bombing’, we noticed a little trend happening in various places we visited on our last trip. Maybe it’s called ‘bike bombing’ I don’t know, I just thought you might enjoy the photos. Have you noticed some interesting versions of this where you live?

And just for your entertainment and edification, here are various tidbits about ‘treadle’ that I learned when double checking the spelling.

• also spelled ‘treddle’

• also means prostitute or strumpet (😂)

• ‘treddles’ the plural also means the ‘dung of sheep or hares’ (now they’re just playing with me)

• derived from Middle English, ‘tyrdle’ meaning a ‘small piece of excrement’ (‘turd’–hey, Wiktionary said it, not me, I’m just passing along the knowledge)

I used the word ‘treadly’ in the title because that is what Australians often call a bicycle, as well as ‘push bike’. Is it any wonder English is so difficult to learn?

Have a fun week.