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(We are almost home and I will write a bit more about our travels soon. Meanwhile here is a post I wrote in response to a couple of requests about the jewellery I have made.)

Is there a modest way of saying ‘here, look at my work?’ Probably not. But lets pretend you’ve come to a gallery to see a retrospective of one facet of my work over the last 20 or so years–the jewellery facet. Pun intended.

I started making jewellery and sold it at the markets, but I quickly realised how exhausting this was with a four year old child to raise, who was my main priority. So after a couple of seasons of markets, I found a ‘teen boutique’ here in town. They were looking for some different pieces to add to their selection of off the rack jewellery. This was long hours for not much pay, but great experience for me. For a while I even sold some early pieces in a local art gallery, as well as a gallery in Melbourne. Sadly, I don’t have photos of those pieces. The photos kind of fell in the crack between analogue and digital photos. I would sell pieces at the gallery for a while and then take them out. Not being a machine, I found I needed a break from the constant creating and assembling, not to mention the very tedious paper work and accounting.

So the gallery and I had an agreement, they would have my work whenever I wanted to take them some. I have not really felt moved to create anything in over a year and a half, until a few weeks ago. My hairdresser asked me if I would make him a one off selection of pieces to sell in his Christmas boutique in the salon. I said I would, and for one nanosecond I was actually excited about it. And then the stress hit. So, it was quite a push to get myself over the line for this one. I’m a woman of my word, however, and I delivered the 30 pieces he asked for, on time.

And now, I’m pretty sure I’m over it. I still have all the gear, it hasn’t gone out the door, so I can’t really say never again. But let’s just say, this retrospective is probably living up to its name. It’s in the Past.

Here are a few of the hundreds and hundreds of early pieces I made:

And here are some representative pieces, interspersed with some fun Waterlogue App edits from photos of the latest group now on sale at Headlines in Alice Springs. Thank you for attending my virtual exhibition.