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Let's play, spot the glasses.

Let’s play, spot the glasses.

My friend Joanna is the Goddess of small lost things. I am her understudy. Last Spring when I was doing some gardening I lost my glasses.  I didn’t miss them until I came back inside, so had no idea in which part of the garden I’d lost them. They were not my good glasses, just a pair of magnifying glasses I take travelling with me, in case my good glasses are broken or lost, which they were (broken) on a trip last year. But I like them, and I wanted them back!

My husband walks to his desk at the Uni every day, mostly to work in a bit of exercise to his daily routine, but also to leave the car for me since I’m the one who does most of the shopping and errands.

This morning, about fifteen minutes after he left, he returned.  His glasses were missing from his face! He looked genuinely bewildered and told me the following… ‘The flies and honey bees were particularly bad along the footpath where a bush is in blossom. I raised my hand to shoo them away and hit my glasses and knocked them off my face and into the grass, or somewhere, and I can’t find them.  A lady who was passing by tried to help me and neither of us could find them.’

I quickly ate my last few bites of breakfast and said I would go back with him to look.  His glasses are very expensive, and this particular pair took them three tries to get right, so we had a bit invested in them already!

We drove the car so that I could take him on to Uni for an early appointment, and then bring the car home with me so he could walk home this afternoon (he’s very dedicated). The  grass was recently clipped, and you would have thought, should easily reveal a pair of metal glasses.  But of course, when you wear glasses, it is hard to see without them, though he does have good long distance vision even without them.

Can you spot them?

Can you spot them?

At the risk of jinxing any future good fortunes…within a few seconds I had spotted them. As opposed to my own lost glasses last year, it was a piece of cake. We knew within a few feet, where they had to be.  Before he picked them up I said ‘WAIT, I want a photo to show Joanna!’

Afterward, we drove around near the Uni and I let him out of the car near the path he likes to use as a cut through.  He called out as I was about to drive off and I looked up, to see him laughing and holding a large fork he had just found on the ground.

Feeling done, dear?

Or just forked??



photoIn case you couldn’t see them, I’ve cropped the portion of the photo with the glasses… xxx