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IMG_8353Last July when we were travelling in the UK, we had a couple of fantastic days in Southern Wales. Most of our time was spent in gardens and enjoying the scenery. During our travels I attempted to publish posts to keep you up with things. But wanting to do justice to this beautiful place that is a tribute to the culture and the volunteers who are saving it, I have saved it for a post all its own.IMG_0001

We have seen some wonderful gardens in recent years, but none more special than one called Dyffryn.  The estate was in disrepair after an attempt to make it into a luxury hotel failed.  Unfortunately the home had already been stripped of most of its original features before it became apparent that the purchaser would not have the financing to follow through with renovations.

Tireless volunteers have assisted the National Trust and worked for years restoring the estate home and garden back to former glory. And it is not finished yet.  I can’t imagine how much effort they have put into it.IMG_0005 IMG_4587 IMG_0015 IMG_0014 IMG_0016 IMG_0004

Though it rained lightly throughout our visit, it didn’t dampen our experience.  In fact, the overcast day saturated the colours while leaves and blossoms glistened as if encrusted with diamonds.  The garden revealed itself like a demure young beauty, formal at first, then sweet with promise.  Rooms within rooms, layer upon layer of texture, scent and colour live vividly in my memory.

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Some days are diamonds, I hope you are having one.