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#22 at Ozzie's in Port Augusta

#22 at Ozzie’s in Port Augusta

I’ve noticed in our travels that once in a while there occurs a theme of photos… a sub-category, of sorts.  It probably has to do with my frame of mind during a particular trip, or a part of the world we are visiting. I don’t really care to ponder the reasons too deeply.  I just take the photos because there are colours or textures or narratives that move me.

On our recent trip to the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, the things that drew my attention to photograph them were an extra bit unusual.

the women's at Whaler's Way

the women’s at Whaler’s Way

In Australia a toilet is often called a ‘loo’ and, in particular, an outside toilet can be referred to as the ‘dunny’.  There are other (and VERY many) terms to describe them. On this particular trip I saw, but unfortunately didn’t photograph, a sign in a small coastal town that read ‘Public Convenience’. How very PC! Thinking of my often, very relieved self upon discovering said ‘convenience’ I can hardly think of a more appropriate term, except perhaps, ‘Relief Room’.

the 'gents' at Whaler's Way

the ‘gents’ at Whaler’s Way

It just so happened on this  trip I photographed four public conveniences which all had charm and character, and were quite clean, which as you know is not always the case.  Perhaps this reveals more to you about what was on my mind that I ought to share, but here you have it. To share with you my dunny photos is to show you there can be beauty in anything.  I do think there is a coffee table book in this topic, don’t you? Something for the library in  the smallest room?

I hope you find some beauty of your own today.

archway leading to loo in Cowell

archway leading to loo in Cowell