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At this time of the year we are all a bit focused on food.  Unfortunately I am always focused on it. I have a goal for every mouthful to be as enjoyable as it is wholesome.  Unachievable, of course, but I do try! Of course I have a couple of guilty pleasures, but that, too, is about balancing the good with a little bit of ‘naughty’. (I’m not sure but I think on the Great Scales of Justice, good weighs in lighter than naughty so it takes more good to balance a little naughty…at least where food is concerned.)

When we were in Spain a couple of years ago one of the many memorable meals of my life was the breakfast buffet in our hotel.  Each morning they had fresh figs… FRESH FIGS, and the wonderful Manchego cheese, for which Spain is famous. Topping it off was local honey to drizzle over, accompanied by walnuts.  The photographs don’t do it justice.IMG_2199 IMG_2408

As most of you have read, I have had a fig tree (named Fiona) for about 10 years. It has bourne me only about half a dozen fruit in that entire time.  I yearn for figs, I pay ridiculous amounts of money for them, $3 for ONE in Sydney one time…and even more for one that was stuffed with mascarpone… oh dear.  So this week when I stopped into the local green grocer (Fresh in the Desert) I was beyond happy to see that they had FRESH, LOCAL figs.  We don’t actually live in the desert, but you can see it from here!  Fresh figs are such a luxury.

I knew I could never exactly replicate that delicious experience from Barcelona, but my version wasn’t too bad.. warmed figs with King Island Ligurian honey, organic Greek yogurt and toasted walnuts.IMG_7409

That’ll do pig, that’ll do*.

(*Charlotte’s Web)