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Do you know about synchronicity? As I understand it, it is when things fall into place as if they were ‘causal’ related, but they are not.  It happens to me often, and I refer to it as ‘meant to be’. It’s my little nod to magical living. This morning I was really puzzling over which direction to follow in my current project, plans to remodel our 24 year old laundry room.  (That is 72 in human years) There are some challenges with that small space and it needs to function really well.  The builder is coming later this week and I must be ready to talk turkey with him. No leftovers, please.

We do not live in a place with a massive number of options.  As I’ve told you before, it is a town of 27,000 and we are 1000 miles in any direction from the next biggest town.  Shopping online just doesn’t do it for me when choosing things like tiles and cabinets, so I am at the mercy of the local suppliers. To their credit, they seldom fail to come through for me but I have to be flexible.

Opening the yellow pages, I found the place to start looking at cabinets. Picture me… staring at the ad, glazed over expression, unable to pick up the phone to enquire, or my car keys to go and have a look.


After swimming in indecision for a few minutes, I decided to make another phone call on a completely different issue. (When all else fails, change the subject!)


I picked up the directory again, and it randomly opened to the white pages. There, directly meeting my gaze, was the very cabinet shop in question…in BOLD letters, just so I wouldn’t miss it! Silly as it may sound, I know from past personal experience that was the Universal energies helping me, whispering to me.

Nudging.  Encouraging.

Ten minutes later (we often joke that you can be anywhere in Alice Springs in ten minutes—give or take a minute) I walked into the workshop and was met by a nice man who was obviously the owner.  I explained the project to him, and that it was not happening until about February and we went from there. One by one he helped me work through the challenges with materials and space.  Nice man.  I left the workshop only a short while later, having chosen finishes, colours, and even handles. I could tell he was surprised, but he didn’t know about my connection with the energies!IMG_7404 IMG_7392 IMG_7393 IMG_7406

Relief, and in equal measure, elation.

Perhaps my standards were lower than yours might be, or perhaps because I have been thinking of this laundry project for three years and the stars were aligned and the phase of the moon was right, it all clicked.  Whatever you call it, I love it when a plan comes together!!*


*(appropriated from the old Tom Selleck series Magnum PI!)