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The last thing I saw before turning out the light last evening and getting into bed was the outline of my husband’s work boots where he left them in the courtyard.  It is often the little things that endear our loved ones to us isn’t it?  As I looked at them neatly placed at the end of the ladder he is not yet finished using, there was something about that scene that caught in my throat, and even today nearly brings tears to my eyes.  They are his well-loved, well worn RM Williams boots (laughing sides, so named for the elastic in the sides of them) that have had numerous repairs so that he can continue to wear them.  He loves simple things and is very loyal (even to boots).  He would have thought about where he left them, so as to not be in the way, but to be handy for finishing the job he started… even though he is a thousand miles away for a few days.  And what, I thought, if he didn’t make it back to fill those boots again?  Why would I think such a terrible thought?  Perhaps because I know how life can change dramatically in a minute.  Perhaps because I cherish our life and the man that fills those boots.  Be grateful.  That is today’s message. X