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Ruby Red Rose Hip tea beside my favourite word

Ruby Red Rose Hip tea and my favourite word

Even though I don’t particularly enjoy the commercial aspect of Mother’s Day, it is my favourite holiday.  American Thanksgiving is the second.  They are both about being grateful for what you have.  I woke up today, Mother’s Day 2013 to rain.  Not just rain, actually, it is pelting down! Living in an arid zone that has not seen real rain for months, I have another reason to be grateful today!

This morning I opened the Mother’s Day gift my daughter had sent.  Recently I have discovered rose hip tea.  I was with her a couple of weeks ago when this happened and the very special part of my gift of a large box of gorgeous Ruby Red Rose Hip tea, is that she remembered I enjoyed it.  That is love in action. She also tucked in another little item I had mentioned wanting to try some time.  More love… the thought, more than the gift, but the gift is nice too!!

The mountain is hidden behind a heavy sheet of moisture and the sound of rain is like music.  So today I will drink Ruby Red Rose Hip tea and enjoy the rain and be grateful that I have had the blessing of a wonderful daughter, and have had a life time of being a beloved daughter myself.