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photo-5I should be paying bills online at the moment, but I am writing because that is what I really want to do.  There are times when we should live in the moment and do what gives us immediate pleasure, and times when we should do what will actually contribute to our long term happiness.

This morning there was a refreshing, cool breeze here in the desert.  It has been hot and dusty or humid and raining alternately for weeks.  And my windows showed it.  Insects have left trails, birds have left … well… splatters, and spiders have abandoned webs, as well.  The dust settles on the glass, and then the rain imprints it all into a haze that eventually spoils our breathtaking view.

My choice today was to go for a delicious walk with breeze clearing away the cobwebs or to wash the cobwebs from my windows.  Before you vote for going for the walk… let me make a case for washing away the cobwebs. (for those of you who don’t care about clean windows or floors, you will not want to read any farther)

Some years ago I read something that caused me to view housework in a new light.  The article said that doing one’s own cleaning, window washing, sweeping, raking, ironing… well, you get the idea, was very good for one’s fitness!  What?  The article even stated that if you went at each task with enthusiasm it was as good as having a free gym membership!  Were they serious?  The near absurdity of it stuck in my head and eventually the whole idea took root and caused me to see the domestic engineer (some would say ‘goddess’) part of my job, from a different perspective.  Now, on cleaning day, or window washing day I put on my gym clothes and push through the jobs with enough enthusiasm to break a sweat and burn some calories.  And what I’ve found is, because my head is not filled with resentful thoughts about the task at hand, my mind is free to wander off into blog-land and compose my next post, or my next jewellery creation or my next painting.  It is a win, win, win situation.

This morning, I chose window washing.  Outside in the glorious breeze, I enjoyed the shafts of light against the mountain as the sun rose in the sky.  The windows are now sparkling, and it all happened while composing this blog in my head.  My view is enhanced, literally, and my life is happier, because I let go of the idea that cleaning must be thankless drudgery.