Anytime you are in public you will hear snippets of conversation.  Some is nonsense because you don’t know the context or don’t hear the entire thought the person is expressing.  But we noticed a particular number of outstanding comments that brought a smile to our face, oddly enough, when we were in LA.  Make of that what you will.

In the hotel lift, one male says to another: “Oooo I feel all buzzy inside, I think it’s because I didn’t work out today.”

A girl smiles and looks to her right and says (is if someone is beside her, but there is No one there) “No not here, just come with me.”

Girl in restroom drops her eye shadow which crashes on tiles and into pieces on the floor “I say ‘oopsie’ and she says ‘S’om bitch’ (trans: ‘son of a bitch’) and I say ‘that’s another way of saying it’ and we all laugh.

Old hippie talking on the street in Venice: “I don’t know nuthin’, but I’ll tell you what I do know.”

Man is walking down the street with his mobile (cell) phone to his ear talking very rapidly to someone: ” No, it won’t show on the Kindle you’ll have to download the app to your iPad.”  We noted, 20 years ago he would have said none of that, and if he had we would not have understood it!

While boarding our flight from LA to Chicago, a man boards and suddenly from three different passengers we hear “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh, my God”.  I look up, expecting to see a holy deity, but there is a normal looking young man. One of the voices says to him “Hal, what are you going to Chicago for?”  Young man answers: “Jeff and I are getting married and we’re going to meet with the wedding planner.”  And again we noted, 20 years ago he would have said none of that.

Travel is interesting.