In the category of ‘making lemonade from lemons’ we decided to use our 6 hour flight delay from Melbourne to our advantage today. The Tutankhamun exhibition was on in the city and we thought if we caught a taxi we’d have a good amount of time to spend with it, get back to the hotel, collect our bags and still get to the airport in plenty of time to enjoy the luxury of the first class lounge (probably for the last time, as Don’s days of accruing enough points for platinum status is about to end!). On the way there we walked a bit and for the second time since arriving in Melbourne yesterday afternoon, I saw someone who at first glance I thought was someone I know, or knew… which is it when someone has passed away? Both times I realised upon closer inspection that the person I thought them to be was deceased. It’s an odd feeling because somehow they are not deceased in my mind, I still see them, and think of them.

The Tutankhamun exhibition was beautiful as well as informational and it was money and time well spent, especially when, near the end, I came upon an Egyptian phrase emblazened on the wall of the exhibition: “To speak the name of someone who has died is to give them life again”. It made me realise that when we think or speak of the those who have passed, we are helping them to live on (assuming we are speaking well of them!) Thinking of you Bill, thinking of you Tom.