(This is one of a number of posts written during my time in medical accommodation, while receiving radiation treatment for breast cancer. I was far from home and family at the time)

Today there were no buses in my life.  While waiting this morning, I got the offer of riding in a car with one of the ‘inmates’ from here, and I accepted.  The old sedan we rode in sounded like there was every chance we’d break down before we arrived, but we didn’t.  And after treatment I had my little coffee and then took a taxi back here.  Very civilised, if not adventurous!

There’s a lot to be said for comfort food.  In the time I saved waiting for a bus today, I decided to make myself ‘happy’.  I whipped up the packet of buckwheat pancakes and then made an omelette with frozen peas, fresh red bell pepper and cheese.  It couldn’t have tasted better if it had been a four star Michelin restaurant meal!  For a little while all the hassles of recent days/weeks/months fell away and there was nothing but me and the maple syrup dripping off those delicious pancakes.  To quote Homer Simpson, ‘aaalllluuuughhhhh’ (with a gurgle of saliva for effect).

But seriously…  I know we can’t be happy ALL the time, but sometimes we can choose to be filled with joy for a time.  And eating food once in a while to comfort ourselves is okay.  It is one of the joys we are privileged to be able to experience because we are humans.  This human is very satisfied and happy this afternoon… Peace out.

Four Star Lunch

Happy Cook